I can't thank you enough for visiting and checking out my amazing clients who have shaped the last 7 years of my life.

I guess I would start with I'm a crusader of that "good, good" love story, that "bed side"  kind of love, and making photographs from that.

Starting off, I was so focused on just the "photographs" and what I soon came to learn was that the most important and fulfilling part of this all, are the people and relationships we make.

There's an excitement and lively anticipation when you can bring the best out in your clients. One that allows you to forget the awkwardness of being photographed and candidly photographing you as you are.

I've mentioned "clients" a few times already but it's odd because these are my people, my friends of all walks of life celebrating themselves, their passions and most importantly, love.

I promise you the best of times,

creating amazing memories and making sure we have those photographs to remember them by.